Bisexual Evolution: A Novel Bisexual Evolutionary Framework Based on the Fisher's Runaway Process


Sexual reproduction plays an important role in evolution. However, in classic genetic algorithms(GAs), the evolutionary process is only implemented on an unisexual population. Although some sexual selection schemes for GAs have been proposed, only limited studies are focused on detailed mechanisms in sexual selection. In this paper, we focus on the modeling of some significant components in sexual selection, including the concepts of male trait, female mating preference. Thereafter, a novel evolutionary framework is constructed based on these models. The theoretical principle of this framework is the famous mechanism called Fisher’s runaway process. Numeric optimization is carried out to evaluate the newly proposed framework on a large number of benchmark functions used in CEC2005 Special Session. Comparing with a classic real-coded genetic algorithm, the novel framework outperforms it on most functions. Although this framework is very preliminary, it has shown good potential in solving optimization problems.

2012 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation