Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization-Based Multimodal Optimization: Fitness Landscape Approximation and Peak Detection


Recently, by taking advantage of evolutionary multiobjective optimization techniques in diversity preservation, the means of multiobjectivization has attracted increasing interest in the studies of multimodal optimization (MMO). While most existing work of multiobjectivization aims to find all optimal solutions simultaneously, in this paper, we propose to approximate multimodal fitness landscapes via multiobjectivization, thus providing an estimation of potential optimal areas. To begin with, an MMO problem is transformed into a multiobjective optimization problem (MOP) by adding an adaptive diversity indicator as the second optimization objective, and an approximate fitness landscape is obtained via optimization of the transformed MOP using a multiobjective evolutionary algorithm. Then, on the basis of the approximate fitness landscape, an adaptive peak detection method is proposed to find peaks where optimal solutions may exist. Finally, local search is performed inside the detected peaks on the approximate fitness landscape. To assess the performance of the proposed algorithm, extensive experiments are conducted on 20 multimodal test functions, in comparison with three state-of-the-art algorithms for MMO. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm not only shows promising performance in benchmark comparisons, but also has good potential in assisting preference-based decision-making in MMO.

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation