Adaptive Offspring Generation for Evolutionary Large-Scale Multiobjective Optimization


Offspring generation plays an important role in evolutionary multiobjective optimization. However, generating promising candidate solutions effectively in high-dimensional spaces is particularly challenging. To address this issue, we propose an adaptive offspring generation method for large-scale multiobjective optimization. First, a preselection strategy is proposed to select a balanced parent population, and then these parent solutions are used to construct direction vectors in the decision spaces for reproducing promising offspring solutions. Specifically, two kinds of direction vectors are adaptively used to generate offspring solutions. The first kind takes advantage of the dominated solutions to generate offspring solutions toward the Pareto optimal set (PS) for convergence enhancement, while the other kind uses those nondominated solutions to spread the solutions over the PS for diversity maintenance. The proposed offspring generation method can be embedded in many existing multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (EAs) for large-scale multiobjective optimization. Experiments are conducted to reveal the mechanism of our proposed adaptive reproduction strategy and validate its effectiveness. Experimental results on some large-scale multiobjective optimization problems have demonstrated the competitive performance of our proposed algorithm in comparison with five state-of-the-art large-scale EAs.

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems