Large-scale Multiobjective Optimization via Problem Decomposition and Reformulation


Large-scale multiobjective optimization problems (LSMOPs) are challenging for existing approaches due to the complexity of objective functions and the massive volume of decision space. Some large-scale multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (LSMOEAs) have recently been proposed, which have shown their effectiveness in solving some benchmarks and real-world applications. They merely focus on handling the massive volume of decision space and ignore the complexity of LSMOPs in terms of objective functions. The complexity issue is also important since the complexity grows along with the increment in the number of decision variables. Our previous study proposed a framework to accelerate evolutionary large-scale multiobjective optimization via problem reformulation for handling large-scale decision variables. Here, we investigate the effectiveness of LSMOF combined with decomposition-based MOEA (MOEA/D), aiming to handle the complexity of LSMOPs in both the decision and objective spaces. Specifically, MOEA/D is embedded in LSMOF via two different strategies, and the proposed algorithm is tested on various benchmark LSMOPs. Experimental results indicate the encouraging performance improvement benefited from the solution of the complexity issue in large-scale multiobjective optimization.

2021 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)