Manifold Learning Inspired Mating Restriction for Evolutionary Constrained Multiobjective Optimization


Mating restriction strategies are capable of restricting the distribution of parent solutions for effective offspring generation in evolutionary algorithms (EAs). Studies have shown the importance of these strategies in improving the performance of EAs for multiobjective optimization. Our previous study proposed a specific manifold learning inspired mating restriction (MLMR) strategy. It has shown promising capability of solving multiobjective optimization problems (MOPs) with complicated Pareto set shapes. However, the effect of mating restriction strategies in solving constrained MOPs is yet to be well studied. Here, we investigate the effectiveness of MLMR for solving constrained MOPs. The MLMR strategy is embedded into some representative multiobjective EAs and tested on various benchmark constrained MOPs. Experimental results indicate the encouraging performance of MLMR in constrained multiobjective optimization.

Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization