Surrogate-Assisted Cooperative Swarm Optimization of High-Dimensional Expensive Problems


Surrogate models have shown to be effective in assisting metaheuristic algorithms for solving computationally expensive complex optimization problems. The effectiveness of existing surrogate-assisted metaheuristic algorithms, however, has only been verified on low-dimensional optimization problems. In this paper, a surrogate-assisted cooperative swarm optimization algorithm is proposed, in which a surrogate-assisted particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and a surrogate-assisted social learning-based PSO (SL-PSO) algorithm cooperatively search for the global optimum. The cooperation between the PSO and the SL-PSO consists of two aspects. First, they share promising solutions evaluated by the real fitness function. Second, the SL-PSO focuses on exploration while the PSO concentrates on local search. Empirical studies on six 50-D and six 100-D benchmark problems demonstrate that the proposed algorithm is able to find high-quality solutions for high-dimensional problems on a limited computational budget.

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation