A Strengthened Dominance Relation Considering Convergence and Diversity for Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization


Both convergence and diversity are crucial to evolutionary many-objective optimization, whereas most existing dominance relations show poor performance in balancing them, thus easily leading to a set of solutions concentrating on a small region of the Pareto fronts. In this paper, a novel dominance relation is proposed to better balance convergence and diversity for evolutionary many-objective optimization. In the proposed dominance relation, an adaptive niching technique is developed based on the angles between the candidate solutions, where only the best converged candidate solution is identified to be nondominated in each niche. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed dominance relation outperforms existing dominance relations in balancing convergence and diversity. A modified NSGA-II is suggested based on the proposed dominance relation, which shows competitiveness against the state-of-the-art algorithms in solving many-objective optimization problems. The effectiveness of the proposed dominance relation is also verified on several other existing multi- and many-objective evolutionary algorithms.

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation